The Ditch Kit®

The Ditch Kit® is a unique line of custom-built multi purpose survival kits. The Ditch Kit® also features communication, navigation, medical, convenience and repair components. It can be modified and tailored to meet the needs of all private and commercial mariners including law enforcement and military agencies. Our ditch kits are many years in the making with technical advice and input from the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, local marine patrol, and professional captains. Check out our different series below.



The most comprehensive of all of our kits, the Blue Water Series is the only kit we offer with suitable capacity to contain all available options such as satellite phone, water maker and handheld GPS. The Blue Water Series is designed for offshore and long-range cruising. This ditch kit is packed with essential offshore survival gear.



The Offshore Series is designed for coastal or offshore cruising. This ditch kit is excellent for island hopping, weekend fishing trips or just cruising along coastal waterways. This ditch kit features all the necessary signaling and communication gear to effectuate a timely rescue wherever you may be. The Offshore Series exceeds the US Coast Guard safety requirements for signaling devices.



Are you tailoring your day cruise around a course set on your GPS? Don’t let the loss or failure of your GPS disrupt your day out on the water. The Bay Series is ditch kit features a floating handheld GPS with navigational charts preloaded. The Bay Series exceeds the US Coast Guard safety requirements for signaling devices.



The Back Country Series is our most compact safety and survival kit suitable for coastal and back country cruising. This kit is designed for flats boats and tenders where storage is at a premium. This ditch kit is vital when fishing or cruising in back country locations where it’s easy to lose your bearings. The Back Country Series contains all the essential communication and survival gear to help you find your way or facilitate your rescue.



The Personal Survival Pack is designed for the solo voyager, anglers, delivery captains and any mariner who cruises offshore alone. Inspired by the true story of an NFL football player who fell of his boat while fishing several miles from shore, the pack features personal flotation device, thermal protection, signaling devices, food and water rations, VHF radio, personal locator beacon and more.

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